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Safety/Health Policy

Namyang Metals Co., Ltd. defines the Safety/Health Policy in order to preserve all the employees’ health and happiness under safe and pleasant working environment as follows:

  • To make safety and health as the first priority for management.
  • To strongly observe the law and company rule regarding safety and health.
  • To develop sense and practice ability for safety through education.
  • The in charge person should take responsibility for concerned department’s safety and health.
  • All the employees should participate in activity of safety and health.
  • To check and improve concerned conditions.

Quality Policy

Namyang Metals Co., Ltd. defines the Quality Policy in order to ensure the confidence of quality and to realize the customer satisfaction through the management innovation activities for products/processes and services as follows:

  • To build up and maintain the Quality Assurance System to meet all the requirements of ISO / QS 9000.
  • To do our utmost efforts to accomplish the goal of continuous quality innovation, cost saving and productivity improvement by all organizations.
  • To make it the primary policy to satisfy the requirements of the customers by supplying the products with quality to meet the customers' requirements and providing the best services.
  • To lead the foundry industry in the 21th century by means of the continued and challenged development of new technology.

Environment Policy

All the members of Namyang Metals Co.,Ltd. drive the environment-friendly business structure and define the following Environmental Policy so that the natural environment may be preserved neatly:

  • To announce established environment policy to make all employees can understand and perform.
  • To observe the international legislations and regulations for environment which we pledged to compliance with the laws and regulations and contracts for environment concerned.
  • To identify the major environmental aspects related to activities, products or services to prevent the pollution by the control of uses and the improvement of management methods of the hazardous materials on environment, and to minimize the environmental impacts by environment-friendly types of development from the stage of the products development.
  • To positively implement the reuse and recycling of the scrapped materials.
  • To establish the environment policy and target to get the effective result for environment.