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  Dear, Customers

  Really thank you for your visit to the home page of Namyang Metals, the world leading maker of automotive components.

  Namyang Metals launched into the manufacture of excellent casting products to satisfy various needs of the customers around the world, by a joint venture and a technical collaboration with Hitachi Metals, Marubeni cooperation, and other three shareholders companies in Korea.

  Since establishment in March, 1987, as a member of Hitachi group, we has performed a centric role in automotive components casting with best using of advanced management techniques, and have registered a spectacular sales growth year by year, and with the latest automated production system, the quality assurance system based on IAFT 16949 certification, Namyang Metals is an increasingly important name in the production of high quality ductile safety casting for the automotive and special purpose machinery industries.

  And further with innovation of management system and development of new and high technologies, we embodied strengthened, thin-walled, heat resistant casting, and we have been designated as a main supplier to prominent automobiles makers in the world, including Ford, GM and Daimler Chrysler as Big3 in USA, Volvo, Fiat in Europe and Suzuki, Nissan, Mazda and Honda in Japan as well as Korea.

  In order to grow as a leading maker in the international foundry industry in the 21st century, Namyang Metals is committed to continue massive investments in R & D and automated mass production systems and innovation activities in all fields, including quality assurance system and environment innovation as a ISO14001 certificated company. As the results of that, we were awarded "The best excellent prize for 6 sigma quality management" for years of 2002, 2003 continuously, and optained Q1 certificate by Ford Motors in USA at the sixth in Korea.

  Namyang Metals promises that we will do our best for local community’s development with permanent innovation and CSR activities under ‘Inspire the Next’ the slogan of Hitachi group.

  With the best wishes for your continuous prosperity, we hope to work together with you and kindly requested to give us your special affection and attention on Namyang Metals.

  Highly appreciated the full support of all the customers in home and abroad.

  Seung-Cheon, Kim
  President & Chief Executive Officer