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  Dear Customers,

  Thank you for visiting the website of Namyang Metals, the world leading maker of automotive components.

  Namyang Metals was established as a manufacture of excellent casting products in 1987 with the capital and technology collaboration of Hitachi Metals Co., the world's largest automotive material maker, during the revival of the domestic automobile industry.

  Since then, as a member of Hitachi group, we had been supplying automotive components casting for automobiles with best using of advanced management idea and techniques.

  Currently, as reorganized into a member of the new company, Proterial Group, We would like to take a leap forward as a company with global competitiveness on the new starting point.

  With the world's best technology and high end production facilities, Namyang Metals is committed to customer satisfaction and best service for them by supplying the highest quality and accurate delivery through continuous management innovation and technology development.

  In addition, we are constantly working and paying attention to the development of materials for electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles in preparation for the upcoming era of eco-friendly cars.

  And we are constantly striving to enter various business areas such as railways, industrial machines, and construction machines.

  Through innovative activities and the development of high technologies, we promise to become a company that leads not only customer satisfaction but also contributes to the local community.

  I ask for your warm attention and support for our strong steps toward a new future.

  Thank you.

  Hyun-Sung, Kim
  President & Chief Executive Officer